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Web marketing and business online

February 8, 2023 WP_EyeuAd Comments Off

By Francesco Mura –

Web marketing is nothing more than advertising on the Web. Simply. It therefore includes all those actions, activated on the web, that allow you to approach potential customers such as sending emails, social media posts, advertising on search engines, optimizing sites with respect to them (the so-called SEO, search engine optimization) etc.

When we decide to carry out web marketing actions the first thing we should well have in mind is the goal to be achieved. Setting the goal will give us a rather clear direction and path to follow. This can also be represented by a simple sentence, generally referred to as a statement of purpose. For example, it could be getting the word out about my idea of gourmet cuisine or increasing sales by 10 percent, etc.

It is also important to identify the Unique Selling Point (USP), which is what sets us apart from our online competitors. We can do this by analyzing companies similar to ours and identifying our unique selling point. For example, if customer service is what sets us apart from the competition, this will be our unique selling point, or if we can keep prices down compared to the competition this may be one of the features that sets us apart.

Customers (or potential customers)

So our goal is to sell online, sell a product or sell our expertise, but how do our potential customers behave?

Online, we usually observe 4 main steps in the buying process:

See, Think, Do, Care.

These principles help identify the key points in which a company must invest to connect with customers. Let’s look at them one by one:

  • See – We notice, for example, that some of our friends are mountain bikers and post maps of their favorite routes on their social accounts or often post photos while doing this activity. Thus, we also get the idea to start mountain biking;
  • Think – We then search on our phones what are the best mountain bikes for beginners. We access a lot of content online, from blog articles to targeted ads, which will give us various factors on which to base your decision;
  • Do –  We make the mountain bike purchase;
  • Care –  We post on social media about your new purchase.

It goes without saying that being present at the research and purchase stage can lead to the famous visitor –> customer conversion

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