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March 6, 2023 WP_EyeuAd Comments Off

By Francesco Mura – SEO (search engine optimisation) is precisely an essential practice to improve the ranking of one’s website, with the main objective of increasing the visibility of the site and attracting new visitors through a better position in the search results (Serp).

The elements that a search engine analyses to position our site are many, let us analyse the main ones:


Getting a good ranking is also based on keywords and it is important to exploit the right ones. Keyword research is therefore the first step for an effective SEO strategy. Identifying the keywords that are most relevant to our business and using them strategically in the content of the website is crucial to achieving high rankings.


The creation of high-quality content is another key element in improving a site’s ranking. Content must be relevant to user demands and optimised with the identified keywords. Creating frequent, high-quality content is a way to increase the authority of the website and improve search engine rankings.


The structure of the website is another important aspect for SEO. A well-organised and easy-to-navigate structure allows search engines to better understand the website and increases the user experience.


It is extremely important to ensure that the website loads quickly to avoid losing visitors due to a tedious loading time that takes too long.


Finally, creating quality links to one’s own website is another essential element of SEO. Quality links from reliable websites relevant to our business increase the authority of our website and improve its ranking. Outbound links (links from our own) to sites considered authoritative are also important, although less so than outbound links, and contribute to a good link building strategy.

In conclusion, SEO is an important web marketing strategy that helps improve a website’s ranking on search engines. By using the right SEO techniques and strategies, you can increase your site’s visibility, organic ranking and potentially gain new customers

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