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TOCC : Ecological Transition Cultural and Creative Organisms

April 14, 2023 WP_EyeuAd Comments Off

The Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture is launching on 12 April 2023 the public notice, financed by the European Union in the framework of NGEU – Next Generation EU through the funds allocated to PNRR – National Recovery and Resilience Plan, for the disbursement of non-repayable grants in favour of micro and small enterprises, third sector entities and profit and non-profit organisations, operating in the cultural and creative sectors to promote innovation and eco-design. Within the framework of the NRP, the public notice falls under Mission 1 ‘Digitisation, Innovation, Competitiveness and Culture’, Component 3 ‘Tourism and Culture 4.0 (M1C3)’, Measure 3 ‘Cultural and Creative Industry 4.0’, Investment 3.3 ‘Capacity building for cultural operators to manage the digital and green transition’, for which a total of EUR 155 million has been allocated. Of this total budget, EUR 20 million is the amount invested for this second public notice, specifically dedicated to Sub-Investment 3.3.4 ‘Promoting innovation and inclusive eco-design, including in terms of the circular economy and orienting the public towards more responsible behaviour towards the environment and climate’, i.e. Action B2. The Call for Proposals is managed by Invitalia.

Opening date : 11 May 2023

Deadline : 12 July 2023

EYEU assists those wishing to submit a project proposal in this area.

Call for proposals :


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