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ERASMUS PLUS ACCREDITATION, ADULT, SCHOOL, YOUTH, VET_EYEU supports the preparation of the proposals

May 19, 2023 WP_EyeuAd Comments Off

On 19 October 2023 is the Erasmus Plus deadline to apply for accreditation in the VET, SCHOOL, ADULTS and YOUTH sectors for organisations schools and enterprises, an accreditation which enables organisations to plan a long-term strategy within the KA1 sector.

Erasmus+ Accreditation is the gateway to international mobility projects funded under Key Action 1, with a view to contributing to the creation of a European Education Area and the European Skills Agenda.

Organisations that decide to apply for Accreditation must submit an Erasmus+ Plan as part of their application, setting out their long-term strategy, and subscribe to the European Quality Standards for the implementation of mobility activities.

Once the Erasmus+ Accreditation (Action KA120) has been obtained as an individual organisation or as a consortium coordinator, it is sufficient to submit an annual funding request to the Erasmus+ National Agency Indire.
The Funding Request (Action KA121) is not as binding as building a new mobility project; it only requires basic information such as the number of participants and the type of activities envisaged that will be used by the National Agency to define the budget to be allocated to each applicant organisation.

Organisations in the adult education sector from Programme Countries can apply:

Bodies and organisations that expressly provide in their statutes for the provision of formal, informal or non-formal education to adult learners, including consortia or networks.
Local and regional public authorities, coordinating bodies and other organisations active in the field of non-professionalised adult learning with a specific role assigned under regional and/or national legislation.
See National Provisions for more information.

Accreditation for individual organisations

The organisation submits a request for accreditation for a mobility project valid for the duration of the Programme

Accreditation for coordinator of
Mobility Consortium
The coordinator leads a group of institutions working on a common mobility plan

The advantages of Accreditation

Stable funding: the institution can count on financial support for new mobilities every year.
Long-term strategy that allows the institution to grow and explore new potential and invest in the future. Stable access to funding makes it possible to focus on long-term objectives and to make the European dimension part of the development process.
Organisations carrying out mobility activities must comply with a set of Erasmus+ quality standards, common to all participating countries, in order to ensure a good mobility experience and good learning outcomes for all participants and to contribute to the objectives of the Programme. In a Mobility Consortium, Erasmus+ standards apply to the activities carried out by all beneficiary organisations, coordinator and consortium members.

Accreditation must meet programme quality standards .

As EYEU, we support organisations, companies, schools, associations or any legal form to submit a request for accreditation, of course if the request arrives too late, we will not be able to help you, so apply in time, write to to plan a cognitive zoom call and to know your needs.



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