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February 6, 2024 WP_EyeuAd Comments Off

By Ines Caloisi

Our company deals specifically with submitting applications for accreditation under erasmus plus for interested educational institutions. We draft the proposal entirely after requesting some information from the schools. In 2023 we submitted 6 proposals and all of them were accredited. For privacy reasons we cannot give the names of the schools. We also take care of the next post-accreditation phase. the ka121 School funding application in which what was presented in the accreditation phase is formulated into funding applications.  The awarding of an Erasmus accreditation is a confirmation that the applicant has developed a plan to realise high quality mobility activities as part of a broader development initiative of its organisation.

This plan is called the Erasmus plan and is a key element of the application for Erasmus accreditation. Applicants can apply for individual Erasmus accreditation for their organisation, or for Erasmus accreditation for mobility consortia co-ordinators, as explained below. No previous experience with the programme is required to apply. Organisations that have already obtained an Erasmus accreditation can be awarded a label of excellence, attesting to their past work and dedication to quality. Erasmus accreditations under the call for proposals will be valid from 1 February 2024, for the entire programming period until 2027, successful applicants for Erasmus accreditation will benefit from simplified access to funding opportunities under Key Action 1 in the form of accredited mobility projects presented in this guide* (application KA121 SCH).

The main objective is to strengthen the European dimension of teaching and learning

– by promoting the values of inclusion and diversity, tolerance and democratic participation;

– by promoting knowledge of Europe’s common heritage and diversity;

– by supporting the development of professional networks across Europe.

The next date for submitting accreditation is 1 October 2024.

Please fill in the expression of interest below to be contacted and receive a quote by 1/9/2024 :

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