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By Ines CaloisiOur company deals specifically with submitting applications for accreditation under erasmus plus for interested educational institutions. We draft the proposal entirely after requesting some information from the schools. In 2023 we

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On 19 October 2023 is the Erasmus Plus deadline to apply for accreditation in the VET, SCHOOL, ADULTS and YOUTH sectors for organisations schools and enterprises, an accreditation which enables organisations to plan

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The Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture is launching on 12 April 2023 the public notice, financed by the European Union in the framework of NGEU - Next Generation

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The business model of a company is a set of strategic and operational solutions, also linked to its management and consequent results with which the company produces value and positions itself in the

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By Francesco Mura - SEO (search engine optimisation) is precisely an essential practice to improve the ranking of one's website, with the main objective of increasing the visibility of the site and attracting

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By Francesco Mura - Web marketing is nothing more than advertising on the Web. Simply. It therefore includes all those actions, activated on the web, that allow you to approach potential customers such

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by Ines Caloisi- Strategy and corporate development are central to survival, adaptation and the creation of numerous objectives that enable a company to adapt to change and develop its expertise. The companies we

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Photo by NASA Space has been a space under exploration for centuries, attracting increasing interest from states as well as private individuals. If the first space activities were merely exploration, there has now

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Source: photo by  Tara Winstead  on  pexels.com Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science aimed at the programming and design of hardware and software systems that enable machines to be endowed

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The indicators that are used to measure social progress often have a decisive influence on economic policy choices and significantly orient cultural, political and social processes. Having indicators that are fit for purpose

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