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EYEU has, first of all, a relevant international positioning since it is one of the organisations in Europe that promotes innovation and change from a European perspective having as reference the European policies, member of various international networks in which it is positioned as a newcomer in terms of birth but as a multi-specialised company having a well developed background in this sector both as a Belgian body with PFE ( and Italian with TIA ( and TNC ( This experience allows us to move at an international level by valuing experience and relationships. this allows us to have a specific knowledge of programmes and resources.

WHY then was EYEU created?

Because we would like to make this experience available by stimulating the participation of other entities in activities in the European field as well as on our side to build an innovative business model that the company can benefit from, thus stimulating the creation of a European business model that guarantees value and sustainability. With this in mind, we also offer our consultancy to stimulate the participation of your organisation, be it a company or an association in the European field, helping to focus and build the requirements and modalities for participation, as well as stimulating the participation of new comers in our projects, where we see that the conditions are there.

Therefore, we are not a classic tout court consultancy organisation offering local empowerment services but mainly international empowerment services.

We therefore tailor our measures to the European perspective.

In order to do this, we rely on in-house expertise and can also offer multiple positioning services in the area of communication such as a logo, a website or a communication strategy in a European context.

In this sense, we have diversified competences for the different service sectors we offer and on which we advise with targeted approaches, where innovation in terms of sustainability, in step with our times, is the cornerstone.

As always, we strive for excellence, and to achieve this, experience and the desire to improve are the watchwords and goals that we strive for on a daily basis with dedication and professionalism.

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