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Yes, we are changing the paradigm, but how do we really change the paradigm? We are changing paradigm because we no longer have to orient the change to our needs alone, but to social needs and cultural positioning with a view to a sustainable project. Every company, in order to be competitive, is called upon to come to terms day after day with the reality that surrounds it, above all it is called upon to look at the market. Innovating means being ready to introduce new development models and strategies by making drastic changes to business models. Adopting sustainable models is the next big leap for those who want to be in step with the times and alongside the new generations for a world that cares for our planet. For this to happen we need to respond to new models of thinking, concepts and actions that observe the criteria of the circular economy whereby “products should be designed to be reused, repaired and recycled”.

In this sense, EUROPE signals direction, our inspiration and driving force for ideas and design.

In this context in a constant communication between Europe and the international context we signal the pace and our proposals for innovation. How? By changing, for example, the type of design, production or sale of goods or services. By changing the business model and orienting it towards sustainability. Innovation and sustainability are therefore net cores that travel hand in hand. Innovation always also means taking the various stimuli that come from outside or inside the company, in order to keep up with the new market conditions by providing concrete answers that are more consistent with the customer’s needs but in tune with the objectives of sustainability. because we actually help our customers to innovate, but to sustainably orientate their choice of innovation and change by setting it in a context that allows evolution and growth.


This is certainly no easy feat, and it is appropriate to say so, because it is not enough to be a visionary entrepreneur and to be able to identify and implement in advance solutions or ideas that have not yet been applied, or to improve those that are already in use. Much more is needed to do this: knowing how to collaborate and communicate, how to use technology, how to develop research and development within the company, how to acquire know-how from outside, how to train and be trained.  This is a challenge that concerns the whole company and all the staff working within it: from the entrepreneur, to the managers, to every employee. European Union policies are laying the foundations for companies to be forced to act in this direction, but it is also up to companies to act on their own.

A challenge that to be met requires skills that move between hard and soft skills, where the different approaches to innovation, depending on what you want to innovate and how you want to proceed, today cannot fail to take into account what the EU offers in this area, starting with national and international calls for proposals that represent the first real strong innovative lever because they allow you to benefit from funding with actions that promote innovation to achieve ‘business innovation’ and thus change one or more dimensions of your business system.

Our lighthouse is the 2021- 2027 European policies and the UN 2030 development goals.

We are at your disposal for all this with a complete consultancy able to follow you step by step, paying attention to your needs and those of your customer, to the answers that the market can offer you, to the still unexplored possibilities that you may be looking for. Because innovation also means taking risks and accepting the challenge of change, but if EYEU follows you, it is definitely easier.

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