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Given the European context, our advice and services can help you make your company European. Our consultancy and services can turn your idea into an innovative and countercurrent proposal. How do we do it? We have solutions to bring your projects to life through Europlanning to help you improve or develop your business idea by identifying European and national calls for proposals and funding that best suits your needs.

To do this, we accompany you through every step of the participation process: from the search for funds, to the submission of the application, to the design of the project and all the subsequent steps to obtain funding.

Because being at the side of the customer means doing everything to ensure that your project is properly presented and that every step is taken in the right direction. But this is only possible if every step is followed in every aspect: from the careful gathering of information, to the analysis of your idea’s potential, through to the drafting of the project proposal according to the guidelines of each individual call for proposals. Study and analysis of organisational and financial capacity, relevance of the proposal, appropriateness of methodologies, sustainability, budget and efficiency are the key words to focus on.

Planning and participating in calls for tenders means being able to draw up an elaborate and strongly structured document that takes into account the current problems that your project wants to solve and how you intend to measure the impact of the activity you want to develop, so that your idea leads to a solution that will have to be in line with the requirements of the funding body in order to be successful. This is precisely why you need specific skills that know how to turn your idea, the activity you would like to present with its short- and long-term effects, into a fundable proposal.

Knowing how to write a project well is the key piece, because it is the way you write the project that will make your idea unique, make it more suitable for funding than another. Knowing how to design in the right way means being able to make a difference. The project strategy is the backbone and at its basis is the planning of all actions leading to the achievement of the goal. This requires not only a detailed mapping of the territory on which to act, but also implies the creation of a network of suitable and potentially interested parties to build a partnership that can be useful for calls for proposals, so much so that we also make sure to reach them through the preparation of information pitches and ad hoc presentations.

If you are looking for support in planning your future, for your business towards new possibilities of being on the market, without disregarding what is made available in terms of funds and opportunities by the European Union, but remaining in line with your needs, you can rely on our team of professionals. Because while it may be true that alone we go fast, together we certainly go far.

Do you want to participate in a European project? Contact us, several possibilities also for inexperienced organisations. We will train and assist you to submit your proposal or to be one of our partners.

Our Background

We are also available to offer consultancy in order to position ourselves in the European field and to be able to participate in calls for proposals in line with the seven-year European programme.

Since 2015 we have been working in the sector and have 38 active projects in particular in the fields of Education, European Citizenship, Migration, Climate with projects aimed at young people, adults and vocational training, with a gradual growth approach that is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

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