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EU WEB management: creation of editorial plans and websites for dissemination and social activities in Europe

The only classic service we offer is web marketing, which is always combined with ongoing projects in order to complete the service. We are able to create an editorial plan in the European sphere depending on the theme you want to address or promote, an impact and dissemination plan or a plan aimed at social media with posts created ad hoc to promote the content of your project. Too often in fact we have found ourselves in the difficulty of finding a company that could help us promote our content travelling in the European sphere, here in this sector we can have our say and certainly help you promote content and ideas.

We are simultaneously involved in web management with the creation of websites, advertising graphics and web marketing and using every other communication tool with taste and creativity in accordance with your needs and budget.

On a general level, we specialise in enhancing your Internet presence through the creation of a dynamic, modern and attractive website.

 All our web projects are born from listening carefully to your needs; any business must have an impactful, unique and personal website. For this reason, the first meeting with you will be crucial to get your idea onto the web through our experience and creativity.

You will not need us to update your site, but you will be able to do so in total autonomy. Thanks to the use of the CMS (Content Management System) platform, written in PHP with a MySQL database, you will be able to freely modify the content of your site whenever you need to, keeping it constantly updated.


Our experience in web marketing will ensure interactivity with users, integration with social networks, and SEO optimisation for search engines. In recent years, web marketing has taken on fundamental importance for web projects and is undoubtedly the communication channel of excellence from a business point of view. We pay particular attention to web marketing strategies and implement every tool necessary to increase your visibility on the web. The main objective of these actions is to target visitor-client conversion through customised campaigns for each company, with the great advantage of being able to analytically measure the results and optimise the marketing plan.

Some of our web marketing actions:

Search engine positioning (SEO)

We bring traffic to your site through a careful choice of keywords, studying content that respects current semantic indexing criteria. We will provide you each month with a detailed report on the positioning achieved.

Pay per click campaigns with Google AdWords (SEM)

We create your pay per click campaign and daily enter your AdWords account, improving and optimising it to maximise its yield while saving you time and money.

Social media marketing

We tell your projects through new online communication tools to reach all your possible targets.

Email marketing campaigns, direct email marketing (DEM) Target identification and creation of email databases, immediate communication, sending and monitoring systems to make the most of a high-yield tool.

Checking statistics and traffic with Google We will analyse and evaluate the performance of web marketing activities to improve them and focus on high-yield ones.

Controlling online reputation

Purchasing decisions are also made online on the basis of the opinions and views of other users. We will monitor what is said about you on the web to improve the purchasing decision-making process of your potential customers.

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